Family Stories


Right Family – Right Baby

After Shelia Cooper’s father awoke from a coma, he shared a story with his daughter that he was given a choice to come back or stay in a beautiful place surrounded by children. A few days after awakening, he told Shelia that he couldn’t wait to see the new baby. Shelia reminded him that this…

Hope for Unborn Babies with CDH

For Zach Tatum and his wife, Taylor, the excitement started before the ultrasound.The young couple, hailing from Travellers Rest, South Carolina, found out they were expecting their first baby in May 2017. Things moved quickly after that; making plans, going to checkups, Taylor going back to her teacher job when summer ended, and the gender…

Liz from Cuba

Cuban toddler finds help in Tampa

Prior to the birth of her daughter, Cuban native Katy Espronceda had never been to America. Katy’s daughter, three-year-old Liz, suffers from Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC), a condition describing a congenital joint contracture in two or more areas of the body. Born with her elbow joints fixed in a bent position, Liz could not bend…

Help for South American Family

A friendly and outgoing toddler who makes friends easily, Shana was born with bright red hair and brilliant blue eyes, unique for Ecuadorians. But her most distinctive feature comes from a rare congenital disorder.   Shana suffers from a malformation called ectrodactyly, commonly referred to as either split hands or lobster syndrome, a disorder so…

Smiling little girl, bald head from chemo

Choosing happiness

Adalyn “Addy” Wallace was three years old when her family found out about the tumor. It was October 2015, and her parents Jared and Melissa had transported Addy to a Sarasota hospital after finding blood in her stool. Initial tests came back negative, but the doctor felt a mass in Addy’s stomach and ordered a…

Pascal Chartier with his new babies

Nothing can stop determined father

Pascal Chartier always knew he wanted children.   A single man working as a travel agent in Paris, France, Chartier had been researching and planning for fatherhood a long time. Specifically, he wanted his own child; but the adoption process in France can take as long as seven years, and many cases don’t go through….

Tuan and Kelsey Ngo

Early Diagnosis Spurs Parents to Dramatic Action

Kelsey and Tuan Ngo are a newly married couple from South Bend, Indiana. The exciting news of Kelsey’s first pregnancy was met with great joy from both of their large families. This would be the first grandchild and first great grandchild for this extended family of 14 siblings (11 for Kelsey and 3 for Tuan)….

Isaac Deeter with chest scar

Open Heart Surgery at 4 Months Old

When Cape Coral resident Christiana Deeter was 20 weeks pregnant, her baby was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot, a rare heart condition caused by four heart defects present at birth. The diagnosis meant her son, Isaac, would be born with a defect that caused oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and into the…

Katie Wieschowski with her two sons at RMH

Happy Despite the Challenges

Every family has its set of day-to-day and long-term challenges, and some families seem to have more on their plate than others. The Wieschowski Family – Mark and Katie and their kids Joshua, Kai, Isaac, and Austin – are one of those families. When Austin was two months old, he was diagnosed him with respiratory…

Melinda Loe with two daughters at RMH

Coincidence or Fate?

Melinda Loe of Arden Hills, Minnesota was lying in bed the first time she saw the baby’s photo.   A friend on Facebook had posted the photo, taken at Little Flower Projects, a medical foster home in China that cares for special needs children. Suffering a serious heart condition, the child’s future was uncertain. Although…