A Hot Meal Means So Much!

Plate of foodOur meal guidelines have changed. Please be sure to review the Prepare a Meal guidelines for each house.

Families need and look forward to a well-balanced meal after a long day at the hospital. We need your help by either cooking a meal at RMHC or bringing in prepared food from a restaurant or packaged food from a grocery store. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be accepted. Homemade casseroles must be prepared at the Ronald McDonald House.

Please refer to the chart below to determine which house is the best fit to receive your Chef Services! After clicking the link for the appropriate house, you will be directed to a website for additional information on preparing or providing meals.  If this is your first time preparing a meal, please contact the House Manager before you schedule a date.

House Location # of Participants # of People to Feed
St. Pete East 401 7th Ave.South 8-10 50
St. Pete West 702 8th Ave. South 5-6 20
Central 601 5th St. South 3-5 20
Tampa 35 Columbia Drive 6-8 20